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English word manny comes from English male, English nanny

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male English (eng) (sometimes, _, offensive) A human member of the masculine sex or gender.. A plant of the masculine sex.. An animal of the sex that has testes.. One of the male (masculine) sex or gender. (figuratively) Of instruments, tools, or connectors: designed to fit into or penetrate a female counterpart, as in a connector, pipe fitting or laboratory glassware. [from 16th c.]. (grammar, less common [...]
nanny English (eng) (colloquial) A grandmother.. A child's nurse.. A female goat. (intransitive, transitive) To serve as a nanny.. (transitive, pejorative) To treat like a nanny's charges; to coddle. [From the mid-20th c.].
manny English (eng) (informal) A male nanny (for children).

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clothed clothes nude nudity