manosphere etymology

English word manosphere comes from English man, English balanephagous ((rare) Acorn-eating.), English -sphere

Detailed word origin of manosphere

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man English (eng) Used to place emphasis upon something or someone; sometimes, but not always, when actually addressing a man. (Multicultural London English, slang) Used to refer to oneself or one's group: I, we; construed in the third person.. (collective) All human males collectively: mankind.. (collective) All humans collectively: mankind, humankind, humanity. (Sometimes capitalized as Man.). (historical) [...]
balanephagous English (eng) (rare) Acorn-eating.
-sphere English (eng) (mathematics) Used to form nouns indicating a sphere of x dimensions. Designating some layer of the Earth.
blogosphere English (eng) (Internet) The totality of blogs, especially the unique jargons, cultures and shared interests created by their interconnection.
manosphere English (eng) (internet, neologism) The totality of men's-rights-oriented blogs and websites.

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Descendants of man
-men Man Manwich antimen dragomen gentlemen's club gentlemen's room meggings men men's menfolk menkind mennish menstealer menswear merm mirdle mon moob munt murse rent boy spoke wommon wymyn
Descendants of balanephagous
Descendants of -sphere
adminisphere atmosphere biosphere blogosphere electrosphere fatosphere fisking graphosphere heliosphere heliospheric hydrosphere ionosphere magnetosphere mammosphere mechanical lithosphere mesosphere neutrinosphere oncosphere photosphere phyllosphere podosphere sarcosphere tectosphere troposphere vitasphere