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English word manpower comes from English power, English man.

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power English (eng) (Singapore, colloquial) Impressive. (transitive) To hit or kick something forcefully.. (transitive) To provide power for (a mechanical or electronic device).. To enable or provide the impetus for. (biblical, in plural) In Christian angelology, an intermediate level of angels, ranked above archangels, but exact position varies by classification scheme.. (countable) Ability to affect or [...]
man English (eng) Used to place emphasis upon something or someone; sometimes, but not always, when actually addressing a man. (Multicultural London English, slang) Used to refer to oneself or one's group: I, we; construed in the third person.. (collective) All human males collectively: mankind.. (collective) All humans collectively: mankind, humankind, humanity. (Sometimes capitalized as Man.). (historical) [...]
manpower English (eng) The power exerted by a single person (analogous to horsepower.). The total number of all available workers; the workforce.

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