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English word mastermind comes from English mind, English master

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mind English (eng) (philosophy) The non-material substance or set of processes in which consciousness, perception, affectivity, judgement, thinking, and will are based.. A healthy mental state.. Desire, inclination, or intention.. Judgment, opinion, or view.. Somebody that embodies certain mental qualities.. The ability for rational thought.. The ability to be aware of things.. The ability to focus the [...]
master English (eng) (by extension) A person holding a similar office in other civic societies.. (dated) A man or a boy; mister. See Master.. (dated) A schoolmaster.. (dated) The head of a household.. (engineering) A device that is controlling other devices or is an authoritative source (e.g. master database).. (film) The primary wide shot of a scene, into which the closeups will be edited later.. (freemasonry) [...]
mastermind English (eng) A person responsible for the highest level of planning and execution of a major operation.. A person with an extraordinary intellect or skill that is markedly superior to his or her peers. To act in the role of mastermind.

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