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English word materialise comes from English -ise, English material

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-ise English (eng) Used in certain words; see the usage notes. Suffix used in loanwords from French to form abstract nouns of quality or function.
material English (eng) (obsolete, transitive) To form from matter; to materialize. Cloth to be made into a garment.. Related data of various kinds, especially if collected as the basis for a document or book.. Matter which may be shaped or manipulated, particularly in making something.. The people collectively who are qualified for a certain position or activity.. A sample or specimens for study.. Text written for [...]
materialise English (eng)

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annalise apologist authorise categorise characterise familiarise fertilise finalise industrialisation legalise magnetisation moisturiser nationalisation pressurise privatisation publicise revitalise revolutionise socialise summarise terrorise vandalism vaporise visualise
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