mechanoelectrical etymology

English word mechanoelectrical comes from English electrical, English mechano- (Involving the use of machines or mechanisms.)

Detailed word origin of mechanoelectrical

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electrical English (eng) Related to electricity (or electronics) An electrical engineer.
mechano- English (eng) Involving the use of machines or mechanisms.
mechanoelectrical English (eng) Describing the production of electricity by mechanical motion; especially in a transducer.

Words with the same origin as mechanoelectrical

Descendants of electrical
ELINT bionic cybertronic e- ecyclable ecycle electracy electronic emotronic heatronic rocktronic rovibronic spintronic structronic technetronic topotronic vibronic
Descendants of mechano-
mechanobiology mechanocaloric mechanochemical mechanography mechanolatry mechanoluminescent mechanomyogram mechanophobe mechanoporation mechanoreception mechanoreceptive mechanoreceptor mechanoresponse mechanosensation mechanosensillum mechanosensing mechanosensory mechanostable mechanostimulus mechanosynthesis mechanotherapy mechanotransducive mechanotransduction mechanotransductive