megaloblast etymology

English word megaloblast comes from English -blast (An immature cell or tissue.), English megalo- (Large, great or exaggerated.)

Detailed word origin of megaloblast

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-blast English (eng) An immature cell or tissue.
megalo- English (eng) Large, great or exaggerated.
megaloblast English (eng) An abnormally large red blood cell associated with pernicious anemia and with folic acid deficiency.

Words with the same origin as megaloblast

Descendants of -blast
ameloblast ameloblastin ameloblastoma cardioblast cytotrophoblast embryoblast erythroblast haematoblast haemoblast hematoblast hepatoblastic hypoblastic idioblast leucoblast leukoblast macroblast megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic monoblast odontoblast parablast retinoblast sarcoblast trophoblastic
Descendants of megalo-
megalerg megalocephaly megalocornea megalocyte megalodisc megalodontia megalography megalokaryocyte megalopenis megalophallic megalophallus megalopolis megalosaur megaloschizont megaloscope megaloureter megalourethra