megalodontia etymology

English word megalodontia comes from English -odontia, English megalo- (Large, great or exaggerated.)

Detailed word origin of megalodontia

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-odontia English (eng) (dentistry, and, medicine) :. (forms nouns) branch of dentistry. (forms nouns) condition of the teeth.
megalo- English (eng) Large, great or exaggerated.
megalodontia English (eng) The condition of having proportionately oversized teeth for the jaw in which they are set.

Words with the same origin as megalodontia

Descendants of -odontia
endodontia hyperdontia hypodontia megodontia oligodontia
Descendants of megalo-
megalerg megaloblast megalocephaly megalocornea megalocyte megalodisc megalography megalokaryocyte megalopenis megalophallic megalophallus megalopolis megalosaur megaloschizont megaloscope megaloureter megalourethra