megalopenis etymology

English word megalopenis comes from English penis, English megalo- (Large, great or exaggerated.)

Detailed word origin of megalopenis

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penis English (eng) (anatomy) The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse that in the human male and some other mammals is also used for urination; the tubular portion of the male genitalia (excluding the scrotum).
megalo- English (eng) Large, great or exaggerated.
megalopenis English (eng) The condition of having an abnormally large penis; macropenis.

Words with the same origin as megalopenis

Descendants of penis
dollymop epeen hemipenial hemipenile peen peenie pelfie penectomize penile penile abscess penile implant penopause vagenis
Descendants of megalo-
megalerg megaloblast megalocephaly megalocornea megalocyte megalodisc megalodontia megalography megalokaryocyte megalophallic megalophallus megalopolis megalosaur megaloschizont megaloscope megaloureter megalourethra