melanofilament etymology

English word melanofilament comes from English filament, English melano- (Melanin.)

Detailed word origin of melanofilament

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filament English (eng) (botany) The stalk of a flower stamen, supporting the anther.. (physics, astronomy) A massive, thread-like structure, such as those gaseous ones which extend outward from the surface of the sun, or such as those (much larger) ones which form the boundaries between large voids in the universe.. (textiles) A continuous object, limited in length only by its spool, and not cut to length.. A fine [...]
melano- English (eng) Melanin.
melanofilament English (eng) A coil of melanin that develops into a melanotubule and finally a melanosome.

Words with the same origin as melanofilament

Descendants of filament
Descendants of melano-
eumelanosome melanoblast melanocratic melanocyte melanoderma melanogen melanoid melanolysosome melanoma melanomacrophage melanophage melanophore melanoprotein melanopsin melanosarcoma melanosis melanosomal melanosome melanotubule melanous melanuria pheomelanosome