melanolysosome etymology

English word melanolysosome comes from English lysosome, English melano- (Melanin.)

Detailed word origin of melanolysosome

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lysosome English (eng) (cytology) An organelle found in all types of animal cells which contains a large range of digestive enzymes capable of splitting most biological macromolecules.
melano- English (eng) Melanin.
melanolysosome English (eng) A dark-coloured lysosome.

Words with the same origin as melanolysosome

Descendants of lysosome
extralysosomal intralysosomal lysosomal lysosomic nonlysosomal phagolysosomal
Descendants of melano-
eumelanosome melanoblast melanocratic melanocyte melanoderma melanofilament melanogen melanoid melanoma melanomacrophage melanophage melanophore melanoprotein melanopsin melanosarcoma melanosis melanosomal melanosome melanotubule melanous melanuria pheomelanosome