melanomacrophage etymology

English word melanomacrophage comes from English melano- (Melanin.), English macrophage

Detailed word origin of melanomacrophage

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melano- English (eng) Melanin.
macrophage English (eng) (immunology, cytology) A white blood cell that phagocytizes necrotic cell debris and foreign material, including viruses, bacteria, and tattoo ink. It presents foreign antigens on MHC II to lymphocytes. Part of the innate immune system.
melanomacrophage English (eng) One of an aggregate of macrophages, containing melanin, found in some fish.

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Descendants of melano-
eumelanosome melanoblast melanocratic melanocyte melanoderma melanofilament melanogen melanoid melanolysosome melanoma melanophage melanophore melanoprotein melanopsin melanosarcoma melanosis melanosomal melanosome melanotubule melanous melanuria pheomelanosome
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