melanoprotein etymology

English word melanoprotein comes from English protein, English melano- (Melanin.)

Detailed word origin of melanoprotein

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protein English (eng) (biochemistry) Any of numerous large, complex naturally-produced molecules composed of one or more long chains of amino acids, in which the amino acid groups are held together by peptide bonds.. (nutrition) One of three major classes of food or source of food energy (4 kcal/gram) abundant in animal-derived foods (ie: meat) and some vegetables, such as legumes. see carbohydrate and fat for [...]
melano- English (eng) Melanin.
melanoprotein English (eng) (protein) Any protein that contains melanin as a chromagen.

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Descendants of protein
antiprotease apheliotropic apobaramin apocenter apocodeine apoenzyme apoferment apofocus apomeiosis apomorph apomyoglobin apophallation aposematic aposporous chemical proteomics endoprotease exoprotease exoproteome immunoproteomics interprotomer microproteomics protease protomer pseudoprotease subapocarpous
Descendants of melano-
eumelanosome melanoblast melanocratic melanocyte melanoderma melanofilament melanogen melanoid melanolysosome melanoma melanomacrophage melanophage melanophore melanopsin melanosarcoma melanosis melanosomal melanosome melanotubule melanous melanuria pheomelanosome