membranoid etymology

English word membranoid comes from English membrane, English -oid

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membrane English (eng) A flexible enclosing or separating tissue forming a plane or film and separating two environments (usually in a plant or animal).. A flexible or semi-flexible covering or waterproofing whose primary function is to exclude water.. A mechanical, thin, flat flexible part that can deform or vibrate when excited by an external force.
-oid English (eng) Of similar form to, but not the same as. Having the likeness of. Forms adjectives and nouns.
membranoid English (eng) Resembling a membrane.

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Descendants of membrane
brane endomembranous membranal membranate membraniferous membraniform membranology membranotropic transmembranous
Descendants of -oid
alkaloid asteroid cannabinoid colloidal cycloid designoid factoid fibroid humanoid insectoid keloid mechanoid mong mongoloid monoid negro opioid paranoid planetoid roid schizoid solenoid sphenoid steroid trapezoid