menkind etymology

English word menkind comes from English man, English -kind

Detailed word origin of menkind

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man English (eng) Used to place emphasis upon something or someone; sometimes, but not always, when actually addressing a man. (Multicultural London English, slang) Used to refer to oneself or one's group: I, we; construed in the third person.. (collective) All human males collectively: mankind.. (collective) All humans collectively: mankind, humankind, humanity. (Sometimes capitalized as Man.). (historical) [...]
-kind English (eng) Used to form nouns denoting groups or classes taken collectively.
menkind English (eng) Menfolk.

Words with the same origin as menkind

Descendants of man
-men Man Manwich antimen dragomen gentlemen's club gentlemen's room meggings men men's menfolk mennish menstealer menswear merm mirdle mon moob munt murse rent boy spoke wommon wymyn
Descendants of -kind
angelkind bugkind chimpkind demonkind dogkind dollkind duckkind flowerkind fowlkind ghostkind giantkind girlkind goatkind goblinkind humankind insectkind oxenkind peoplekind rabbitkind treekind trollkind vampirekind witchkind womankind zombiekind