meromorphic etymology

English word meromorphic comes from English -morphic (Having a specific shape or form.), English mero- (Part. Partial.)

Detailed word origin of meromorphic

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-morphic English (eng) Having a specific shape or form.
mero- English (eng) Part. Partial.
meromorphic English (eng) (complex analysis, of a function) That is the ratio of two holomorphic functions (and so possibly infinite at a discrete set of points).

Words with the same origin as meromorphic

Descendants of -morphic
andromorphically anthromorphic anthropomorphic antiholomorphic biholomorphic cynomorphic epimorphic geomorphic hemimorphic holomorphicity isomorphic monomorphic neanimorphic nondimorphic nonholomorphic normomorphic ophiomorphic polymorphic pycnomorphic redoximorphic subdimorphic theriomorphic xenomorphic xeromorphic zoomorphic
Descendants of mero-
bimeromorphic hypermeromorphic meroblast merocele merocerite meroclone merocyanine merogamete merogenesis merogony merohedral meroistic meromyosin meropia meroplankton meroplanktonic meroplasmodium merorganization merosomal merosome merosporangium merostome meroterpene meroterpenoid