meroterpenoid etymology

English word meroterpenoid comes from English mero- (Part. Partial.), English terpenoid

Detailed word origin of meroterpenoid

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mero- English (eng) Part. Partial.
terpenoid English (eng) (organic chemistry) A very large class of naturally occurring and synthetic organic compounds formally derived from the hydrocarbon isoprene; they include many volatile compounds used in perfume and food flavours, turpentine, the steroids, the carotene pigments and rubber.
meroterpenoid English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any terpenoid derived from a meroterpene.

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Descendants of mero-
bimeromorphic hypermeromorphic meroblast merocele merocerite meroclone merocyanine merogamete merogenesis merogony merohedral meroistic meromorphic meromyosin meropia meroplankton meroplanktonic meroplasmodium merorganization merosomal merosome merosporangium merostome meroterpene