mesopuncture etymology

English word mesopuncture comes from English meso-, English puncture

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meso- English (eng) (chemistry) Designating an achiral member of a group of diastereoisomers that has at least one chiral member. Intermediate. Middle.
puncture English (eng) A hole in a vehicle's tyre, causing the tyre to deflate.. A hole, cut, or tear created by a sharp object.. The act or an instance of puncturing. To pierce; to break through; to tear a hole.
mesopuncture English (eng) A form of acupuncture in which fluid is injected through the needle points.

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Descendants of meso-
age ageism ageless agelessness agewise mesectoderm mesobuccal mesohabitat mesometeorology mesometritis mesomorphic meson mesopharynx mesophyll mesosalpinx mesosphere mesostatic muon overage period postage teen teenager underage
Descendants of puncture
puncturable puncturation