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English word mesostatic comes from English meso-, English static

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meso- English (eng) (chemistry) Designating an achiral member of a group of diastereoisomers that has at least one chiral member. Intermediate. Middle.
static English (eng) (programming) Computed, created or allocated before the program starts running, and usually not changeable at runtime. Immobile; fixed in place; having no motion.. Unchanging; that cannot or does not change. (by extension, uncountable) Interference or obstruction from people.. (countable) A static caravan.. (countable, programming) A static variable.. (uncountable) Interference on a [...]
mesostatic English (eng) (biology, of successive vegetations) Growing in uniformaly moist conditions. (geology) Of or pertaining to mesostasis. (linguistics, of a noun) Having a fixed accent on the suffix.

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age ageism ageless agelessness agewise mesectoderm mesobuccal mesohabitat mesometeorology mesometritis mesomorphic meson mesopharynx mesophyll mesopuncture mesosalpinx mesosphere muon overage period postage teen teenager underage
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statite stiction