metallogeny etymology

English word metallogeny comes from English metallo- (Metal.), English -geny (Generation. Origin. Production.)

Detailed word origin of metallogeny

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metallo- English (eng) Metal.
-geny English (eng) Generation. Origin. Production.
metallogeny English (eng) (geology) The branch of geology concerned with the study of the formation of mineral deposits.

Words with the same origin as metallogeny

Descendants of metallo-
metalloactivation metalloblock metallobridged metallocarbene metallocentre metallochaperone metallochelation metallocluster metalloendopeptidase metalloendoprotease metalloexopeptidase metallogenesis metallogenetic metallograph metallome metalloorganic metallophosphoesterase metallophthalocyanine metallophyte metalloplastic metalloprotein metalloreductase metalloregulatory metallosupramolecular metallothionein
Descendants of -geny
amphogeny anthropogeny arrhenogeny biogeny chronogeny cryogeny crystallogeny cytogeny dynamogeny embryogeny epeirogeny geophylogeny homogeny iatrogeny ideogeny lithogeny lysogeny monogeny nomogeny phytogeny polygeny thaumatogeny thelygenous zoogeny