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English word meteorite comes from English -ite, English meteor

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-ite English (eng) Forming adjectives (biology) Used to form nouns denoting segments or components of the body or an organ of the body.. (chemistry) Used to form names of certain chemical compounds, especially salts or esters of acids whose name ends in -ous.. (chiefly, US) Used to form demonyms.. (sometimes, pejorative) Used to form nouns denoting followers or adherents of a specified person, idea, doctrine, [...]
meteor English (eng) (archaic) Any atmospheric phenomenon. (Thus the derivation of meteorology.) These were sometimes classified as aerial or airy meteors (winds), aqueous or watery meteors (hydrometeors: clouds, rain, snow, hail, dew, frost), luminous meteors (rainbows and aurora), and igneous or fiery meteors (lightning and shooting stars [next]).. (juggling) A prop similar to poi balls, in that it is twirled [...]
meteorite English (eng) A metallic or stony object or body that is the remains of a meteor.

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aphrodite kryptonite