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English word meth- comes from English -yl

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-yl English (eng) (organic chemistry) A univalent radical or functional group formed from a given molecule. Thus propyl from propane, benzyl from benzene, and so forth.
methyl English (eng) (organic compound) The univalent hydrocarbon radical, CH3, formally derived from methane by the loss of a hydrogen atom; a compound or part of a compound formed by the attachment of such a radical.
meth- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Used to denote the presence of a single axial atom when forming names of organic compounds for methyl derivatives.

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benzyl butane butylfuran cyanoethylation dibutyl amine eth- ethane ethanol ethyl isopropylacetone isopropylamphetamine isopropylcholestane mefenamic methacrylic methane methanol methene methoxyl methyl pethidine polyethylene polythene propidene triisopropyl