methane etymology

English word methane comes from English methyl, English -ane

Detailed word origin of methane

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methyl English (eng) (organic compound) The univalent hydrocarbon radical, CH3, formally derived from methane by the loss of a hydrogen atom; a compound or part of a compound formed by the attachment of such a radical.
-ane English (eng) (chemistry) A simple binary compound of hydrogen and a nonmetal or metalloid.. (organic chemistry) A saturated hydrocarbon; an alkane.. Variant of -an, usually with differentiation (germane, humane, urbane), but sometimes alone (mundane).
methane English (eng) (organic chemistry, countable) Any of very many derivatives of methane.. (organic compound, uncountable) The simplest aliphatic hydrocarbon, CH4, being a constituent of natural gas.

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Descendants of methyl
DMH biomethane dichlorofluoromethane difluoromethane iodomethane meclonazepam mefenamic meth- methacrylate methacrylic methacryloyl methalox methamine methanesulfonamide methanol methene methionic acid methoxyl
Descendants of -ane
bromomethane butane cyclobutane epoxyethane ethane fluoromethane isobutane isohexane isooctane labdane ladderane methanesulfonic acid n-butane n-heptane nitromethane nonmethane octanal octane octanolysis olympiadane propane propanelike pterodactylane sulfurane