metric etymology

English word metric comes from Ancient Greek μέτρον, and later Latin metrum (A measure.)

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μέτρον Ancient Greek (grc)
metrum Latin (lat) A measure.
metricus New Latin (la-new)
métrique French (fra) Metric (relating to metric system).
metric English (eng) (transitive, aerospace, systems engineering) To measure or analyse statistical data concerning the quality or effectiveness of a process. (mathematics, physics) of or relating to distance. (music) of or relating to the meter of a piece of music.. Of or relating to the metric system of measurement (mathematics) A measurement of the "distance" between two points in some metric space: it is a [...]

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Descendants of μέτρον
altimeter billion chronometer flowmeter gas meter geoboard geometry hypergeometry kilometer klick long meter meter metre metron millimeter million odometer pedometer pentameter speedo symmetry trillion vigintillion voltmeter