microchip etymology

English word microchip comes from English chip, English micro- ((metric units) One millionth.. Very small.)

Detailed word origin of microchip

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chip English (eng) (New Zealand, northern) A receptacle, usually for strawberries or other fruit.. (UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, especially, in the plural) A fried strip of potato of square or rectangular cross-section; a french fry.. (US, Canada, Australia, and, New Zealand, especially, in the plural) A thin, crisp, fried slice of potato, or sometimes another vegetable.. (archaic, derogatory) Anything [...]
micro- English (eng) (metric units) One millionth.. Very small.
microchip English (eng) (transitive) To fit (an animal) with a microchip. Integrated circuit; microprocessor.

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Descendants of chip
Chipzilla hardboard kibble
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