microphyll etymology

English word microphyll comes from English micro- ((metric units) One millionth.. Very small.), English -phyll (Leaf.)

Detailed word origin of microphyll

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micro- English (eng) (metric units) One millionth.. Very small.
-phyll English (eng) Leaf.
microphyll English (eng) (botany) A leaf having a single unbranched vein, or a structure that is derived from such a leaf.. (botany) A very small leaf.

Words with the same origin as microphyll

Descendants of micro-
microbiology microbrew microbrowser microcellular microchip microcrystal microdot microlesioned microlight micromarketing micromercurialism micromesh micromirror micropaleontologic microphage microphone microprocessor microprotrusion microscopy microsculptured microsecond microspotter microsurge microsurgery microwave
Descendants of -phyll
carpophyll erythrophyll hydroxanthic megaphyll megaphyllous mesophyll mesophyllic xanthic xanthic acid xantho- xanthuria