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English word milkman comes from English milk, English -man

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milk English (eng) (countable, informal) An individual serving of milk.. (uncountable) A white (or whitish) liquid obtained from a vegetable source such as soy beans, coconuts, almonds, rice, oats. Also called non-dairy milk.. (uncountable) A white liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals to nourish their young. From certain animals, especially cows, it is a common food for humans as a beverage [...]
-man English (eng) In certain cases, someone (implied male) who derives from a particular nationality.. Someone (implied male) who has special characteristics relating to a topic or area.. Someone (implied male) who is an expert in an area.. Someone (implied male) who is employed or holds a position in an area.
milkman English (eng) A man who delivers milk to households and sometimes businesses early in the morning.

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bowman businessman cameraman cartman chairman congressman councilman doorman fireman fisherman freeman gunman handyman hangman hitman madman policeman postman salesman sandman seaman snowman watchman wingman