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English word minheap comes from English heap, English minimum

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heap English (eng) (transitive) To form or round into a heap, as in measuring.. (transitive) To pile in a heap.. (transitive) To supply in great quantity. (colloquial) A dilapidated place or vehicle.. (colloquial) A lot, a large amount. (computing) A data structure consisting of trees in which each node is greater than all its children.. (computing) Memory that is dynamically allocated.. A crowd; a throng; a [...]
minimum English (eng) To the lowest degree. (analysis) A lower bound of a set which is also an element of that set.. (astronomy) A period of minimum brightness or energy intensity (of a star).. (statistics) The smallest member of a batch or sample or the lower bound of a probability distribution.. The lowest limit.. The smallest amount.
minheap English (eng) (comptheory) A heap data structure with a "greater than or equal to" comparison function.

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maximin min minac minarchy minimal minimal pair minimally