minus etymology

English word minus comes from Proto-Indo-European *mī-, Latin mina, Proto-Indo-European *pau-, and later Latin parvus (Ignorable, unimportant. Small, little, cheap.)

Detailed word origin of minus

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*mī- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
mina Latin (lat) (figuratively) threats, menaces. Projecting points, pinnacles, battlements, parapets.
*pau- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
parvus Latin (lat) Ignorable, unimportant. Small, little, cheap.
minari Latin (lat)
parum Latin (lat) Very little, insufficient.
minus English (eng) (mathematics) Negative.. (postpositive) Ranking just below a designated rating.. On the negative part of a scale. (informal) Without.. (mathematics) less; reduced by. (mathematics) A minus sign (−).. (mathematics) A negative quantity.. A downside or disadvantage.

Words with the same origin as minus

Descendants of *mī-
admit bottle common community ma mad mail male mask meal mean meaning miller mine minister minute minutes miss mix mixed monk more my nightmare poison
Descendants of mina
administer administration administrative administrator menace ministry minor minority promenade