misbehavior etymology

English word misbehavior comes from English mis- (Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.), English behavior

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mis- English (eng) Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.
behavior English (eng) (countable) An instance of the way a living creature behaves.. (countable, uncountable, biology, psychology) Observable response produced by an organism.. (uncountable) Human conduct relative to social norms.. (uncountable) The way a device or system operates.. (uncountable) The way a living creature behaves or acts generally.. (uncountable, informal) A state of probation about one's conduct.
misbehavior English (eng) (US) Action or conduct that is inappropriate, improper, incorrect, or unexpected.

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misapprehension misappropriation miscalculation misconception misconduct misdirect misdirection misfit misfortune mishap misinterpret misinterpretation misjudge mismanagement mismatch misprint misrepresentation misstep mistreat mistreatment mistrial mistrust misunderstand misuse