misjudge etymology

English word misjudge comes from English judge, English mis- (Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.)

Detailed word origin of misjudge

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judge English (eng) (intransitive) To arbitrate; to pass opinion on something, especially to settle a dispute etc.. (intransitive) To form an opinion; to infer.. (intransitive) To sit in judgment, to act as judge.. (transitive) To form an opinion on.. (transitive) To have as an opinion; to consider, suppose.. (transitive) To sit in judgment on; to pass sentence on.. (transitive, intransitive) To criticize or [...]
mis- English (eng) Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.
misjudge English (eng) To make an error in judging, to incorrectly assess.

Words with the same origin as misjudge

Descendants of judge
judgable judgy
Descendants of mis-
misapprehension misappropriation misbehavior miscalculation misconception misconduct misdirect misdirection misfit misfortune mishap misinterpret misinterpretation mismanagement mismatch misprint misrepresentation misstep mistreat mistreatment mistrial mistrust misunderstand misuse