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English word mongoloid comes from English -oid, English Mongol

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-oid English (eng) Of similar form to, but not the same as. Having the likeness of. Forms adjectives and nouns.
Mongol English (eng) (dated, now offensive) (usually mongol) A person with Down's syndrome.. A member of any of the various Mongol ethnic groups living in The Mongolian People's Republic, the (former) USSR, Tibet and Nepal.. A member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club of California, United States.. A member of the nomadic people from the steppes of central Asia who invaded Europe in the 13th Century. The Mongol [...]
mongoloid English (eng) (anthropology) A member of the racial classification of humanity composed of peoples native to North Asia, East Asia, Pacific Oceania, and the Americas, as well as their diaspora in other parts of the world.. (now, _, offensive) A person with Down syndrome.. (offensive) Idiot, retard; a general term of abuse, due to association with Down syndrome.

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Descendants of -oid
alkaloid asteroid cannabinoid colloidal cycloid designoid factoid fibroid humanoid insectoid keloid mechanoid mong monoid negro opioid paranoid planetoid roid schizoid solenoid sphenoid steroid trapezoid
Descendants of Mongol
mogul monged mongolism mongtard