monoandry etymology

English word monoandry comes from English mono- (One.), English -andry

Detailed word origin of monoandry

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mono- English (eng) One.
-andry English (eng) Male mate(s), husband(s). Male reproductive organ(s); (especially in, _, botany) : stamen(s). Man, men; male(s).
monoandry English (eng) The practice of having only one husband at a time.

Words with the same origin as monoandry

Descendants of mono-
mono monoalkene monochromatic monoculture monodactyl monofilament monofunctional monogamous monogonal monogram monoid monomethylamine monomicrobial monoparametric monophenol monophobia monoplegia monoprint monorubidium monoterminal monothecal monotheism monotungstate monoxide
Descendants of -andry
gynandrous gynandry misandric misandry polyandry pseudandry