monogenesis etymology

English word monogenesis comes from English -genesis (Origin. Production.), English mono- (One.)

Detailed word origin of monogenesis

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-genesis English (eng) Origin. Production.
mono- English (eng) One.
monogenesis English (eng) (anthropology) The theory that mankind originated with a single ancestor or ancestral couple.. (linguistics) The theory that all languages, or a particular set of languages, originated from a single source.. The emergence from a single cause.

Words with the same origin as monogenesis

Descendants of -genesis
aerogenesis amyloidogenesis androgenesis baryogenesis cacogenesis carcinomagenesis cementogenesis digenetic dysgenesis embryogenesis enteropathogenesis hadrogenesis hematogenesis hepatogenesis mitogenesis nephrogenesis neurogenesis noegenesis organogenesis orthogenesis osteogenesis parthenogenesis retinogenesis virogenesis
Descendants of mono-
mono monoalkene monoandry monochromatic monoculture monodactyl monofilament monofunctional monogamous monogonal monogram monoid monomethylamine monomicrobial monoparametric monophenol monophobia monoplegia monoprint monorubidium monoterminal monothecal monotheism monotungstate monoxide