monogenic etymology

English word monogenic comes from English -genic, English mono- (One.)

Detailed word origin of monogenic

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-genic English (eng) Produced or generated by something. Producing or generating something. Suitable to be produced, or reproduced.
mono- English (eng) One.
monogenic English (eng) (genetics) regulated by a single gene. (math, of a semigroup) generated by a set containing only a single element. (mathematics, of a function) having a single derivative at a point. Of or relating to monogenesis or to monogenism. Producing offspring of only one sex (mathematics) A derivative of a monogenic function.

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Descendants of -genic
Eurogenic acidogenic agnogenic arrhythmogenicity biogenic carcinogenic cardiogenic cariogenic cladogenic cryogenic endogenic lysogenicity mediagenicity myceliogenic neurogenic osteogenic pathogenic petrogenic photogenicity psychogenic tenogenic toxicogenic transgenic tremorogenic
Descendants of mono-
mono monoalkene monoandry monochromatic monoculture monodactyl monofilament monofunctional monogamous monogonal monogram monoid monomethylamine monomicrobial monoparametric monophenol monophobia monoplegia monoprint monorubidium monoterminal monothecal monotheism monotungstate monoxide