monotheism etymology

English word monotheism comes from English theism, English mono- (One.)

Detailed word origin of monotheism

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theism English (eng) A morbid condition resulting from excessive consumption of tea. (belief system) Belief in the existence of a personal creator god, goddess, gods and/or goddesses present and active in the governance and organization of the world and the universe. The God may be known by or through revelation.. (belief system) Belief in the existence of at least one deity.
mono- English (eng) One.
monotheism English (eng) The belief in a single deity (one god or goddess); especially within an organized religion.

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Descendants of theism
action doll antitheist atheist atheous doll dollface dollhouse dollish duotheists enthuse enthusiasm fedora heliotheistic hylotheists multitheist multitheistic pantheon peeler polyatheist polytheist surname theanthropos theogony theology theomachy
Descendants of mono-
mono monoalkene monoandry monochromatic monoculture monodactyl monofilament monofunctional monogamous monogonal monogram monoid monomethylamine monomicrobial monoparametric monophenol monophobia monoplegia monoprint monorubidium monoterminal monothecal monotungstate monoxide