moonbeam etymology

English word moonbeam comes from English moon, English beam

Detailed word origin of moonbeam

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moon English (eng) (cartomancy) The thirty-second Lenormand card.. (literary) A month, particularly a lunar month.. Any natural satellite of a planet.. (with "the") Earth's only natural satellite.. A crescent-like outwork in a fortification.. The eighteenth trump/major arcana card of the Tarot. (intransitive, US, colloquial) (usually followed by over or after) To fuss over something adoringly; to be infatuated [...]
beam English (eng) (ambitransitive) To emit beams of light; shine; radiate.. (intransitive, figuratively) To smile broadly or especially cheerfully.. (transitive) To furnish or supply with beams. (transitive) give the appearance of beams to.. (transitive, currying) To stretch something (for example an animal hide) on a beam.. (transitive, music) To connect (musical notes) with a beam, or thick line, in music [...]
moonbeam English (eng) A shaft of moonlight.. Moonlight generally.