morbid etymology

English word morbid comes from Latin morbus, and later Latin morbidus (Sickly, diseased. Unwholesome.)

Detailed word origin of morbid

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morbus Latin (lat) (of the body or mind) A disease, sickness, disorder, distemper, ailment, illness, malady.. (of the mind) A fault, vice, failing.. (of the mind) Sorrow, grief, distress.. Death (prima morbi accessione, at the first approach of death).
morbidus Latin (lat) Sickly, diseased. Unwholesome.
morbid English (eng) (by extension) Taking an interest in unhealthy or unwholesome subjects such as death, decay, disease. [from 1770s]. (originally) Of, or relating to disease. [from 1650s]. Grisly or gruesome.. Suggesting the horror of death; macabre or ghoulish.