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English word moreover comes from English more, English over

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more English (eng) (dialectal) a root; stock.. (obsolete) a carrot; a parsnip.. A plant. (now, dialectal, or, humorous) Used in addition to an inflected comparative form. (Standard until the 18thc.) [from 13thc.]. (now, poetic) In negative constructions: any further, any longer; any more. [from 10thc.]. Used alone to form the comparative form of adjectives and adverbs. [from 13thc.]. To a greater degree or [...]
over English (eng) Discontinued; ended or concluded. (in certain collocations) As compared to.. (mathematics) Divided by.. (poker) Separates the three of a kind from the pair in a full house.. Above, implying superiority after a contest; in spite of; notwithstanding.. Across or spanning.. Beyond; past; exceeding; too much or too far.. By comparison.. Concerning or regarding.. Finished with; done with; from one [...]
moreover English (eng) (conjunctive) In addition to what has been said; furthermore; additionally.

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orra ower pully