morphology etymology

English word morphology comes from English -logy, English morpho- (Shape, form, or morphology.)

Detailed word origin of morphology

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-logy English (eng) A branch of learning; a study of a particular subject.. Something said, or a way of speaking, a narrative.
morpho- English (eng) Shape, form, or morphology.
morphology English (eng) (biology) The study of the form and structure of animals and plants.. (countable) A description of the form and structure of something.. (countable) The form and structure of something.. (geology) The study of the structure of rocks and landforms.. (linguistics) The study of the internal structure of morphemes (words and their semantic building blocks).. (uncountable) A scientific study of [...]

Words with the same origin as morphology

Descendants of -logy
auxologist cardiology chronological chronology cosmochronology criminology cryptology cytology dermatology ethnology gerontology gynaecology histology ichthyology logy morphological musicologist ophthalmology pharmacological pharmacology proctology seismology topology urology
Descendants of morpho-
dysmorphology geomorphology histomorphology histomorphometric macromorphology morphoanatomical morphodynamical morphodynamically morphofunctional morpholexical morphometrically morphonomy morphoparadigm morphophonemic morphophonetic morphophonology morphophysiology morphosemantics morphospecies morphotectonics morphotonemic osteomorphology phytomorphology