movieland etymology

English word movieland comes from English movie, English -land

Detailed word origin of movieland

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movie English (eng) (chiefly, North American) A recorded sequence of images displayed on a screen at a rate sufficiently fast to create the appearance of motion.. (usually, plural, chiefly, North American) A cinema.
-land English (eng) Used to form the name of a sphere of activity or interaction.. Used to form the name of a territory, country, or region.
movieland English (eng) The fictitious world where films are set.. The industry of films and filmmaking.

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Descendants of movie
Western Westernism Westernness autofictional cli-fi cowboy shot faction fiction fictioneering fictomercial ride shotgun stf stfan stfanzine stfcon stfdom stfield stfnal stfzine
Descendants of -land
Aggieland Bechuanaland Chinkland Facebookland Fireland Germanland Gondwanaland Igboland Italian Somaliland Jewland Lapland Laplandic Maoriland Meyerland Naziland Onionland Somaliland Summerland Swahililand Switzerland Vacationland slumberland slumland techland