mucopus etymology

English word mucopus comes from English pus, English muco- (Mucus.)

Detailed word origin of mucopus

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pus English (eng) A whitish-yellow or yellow substance composed primarily of dead white blood cells and dead pyogenic bacteria; normally found in regions of bacterial infection. (rare) To emit pus.
muco- English (eng) Mucus.
mucopus English (eng) (medicine) a mixture of mucus and pus.

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Descendants of muco-
mucoactive mucoadhesion mucoadhesive mucocele mucociliary mucocutaneous mucofibrous mucogenesis mucogenic mucogingival mucoid mucolipidosis mucolytic muconodular mucopeptide mucoperiosteum mucopolysaccharide mucoprotein mucopurulent mucoregulator mucosanguineous mucosubstance mucotomy