mucoregulator etymology

English word mucoregulator comes from English regulator, English muco- (Mucus.)

Detailed word origin of mucoregulator

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regulator English (eng) (genetics) A gene involved in controlling the expression of one or more other genes.. (historical) A bulldozer (member of intimidating group of white US Southerners).. (rail transport) A device that controls the supply of steam to the cylinders of a steam locomotive.. A device that controls or limits something.. A person or group that sets standards of practice, especially those established [...]
muco- English (eng) Mucus.
mucoregulator English (eng) A regulator of the production of mucus.

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Descendants of regulator
Descendants of muco-
mucoactive mucoadhesion mucoadhesive mucocele mucociliary mucocutaneous mucofibrous mucogenesis mucogenic mucogingival mucoid mucolipidosis mucolytic muconodular mucopeptide mucoperiosteum mucopolysaccharide mucoprotein mucopurulent mucopus mucosanguineous mucosubstance mucotomy