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English word muddy comes from English -y, English dirt

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-y English (eng) Forming abstract nouns denoting a state, condition, or quality.. Used in the name of some locations which end in -ia in Latin. Forming diminutive nouns. Also used for familiar and pet names as a term of endearment. Added to nouns and adjectives to form adjectives meaning “having the quality of”.. Added to verbs to form adjectives meaning "inclined to".
dirt English (eng) (transitive, rare) To make foul or filthy; soil; befoul; dirty (chiefly, US) Soil or earth.. (figurative) Meanness; sordidness.. (mining) In placer mining, earth, gravel, etc., before washing.. A stain or spot (on clothes etc); any foreign substance that worsens appearance, filth. Previously unknown facts, or the invented "facts", about a person; gossip; kompromat. Freckles.
muddy English (eng) (transitive) To get mud on (something).. (transitive) To make a mess of, or create confusion with regard to; to muddle. (euphemistic) Soiled with feces.. Confused; stupid; incoherent; vague.. Covered with or full of mud or wet soil.. Not clear; mixed up or blurry.. With mud or other sediment brought into suspension, turbid.

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andy apply bags bunny creepy dummy funny handy healthy heavy kitty mommy pretty pussy risky rocky rusty scary sexy shitty skinny sonny tiny tony woody
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