mycoheterotrophy etymology

English word mycoheterotrophy comes from English myco- ((biology) fungus.), English heterotrophy (The state of being a heterotroph.)

Detailed word origin of mycoheterotrophy

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myco- English (eng) (biology) fungus.
heterotrophy English (eng) The state of being a heterotroph.
mycoheterotrophy English (eng) (biology) A form of symbiosis between a parasitic plant and a fungus.

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bioxalomycin dermatomycosis mycobactericidal mycobacteriology mycobiome mycocecidium mycocide mycoculture mycodiesel mycoflora mycoherbicide mycoinsecticide mycology mycopeptone mycopesticide mycophage mycosic mycosphere mycosymbiont mycothiol mycotoxicological mycotoxicologist mycovirology pseudomycosis