mycothiol etymology

English word mycothiol comes from English thiol, English myco- ((biology) fungus.)

Detailed word origin of mycothiol

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thiol English (eng) (organic chemistry) A univalent organic radical (-SH) containing a sulphur and a hydrogen atom; a compound containing such a radical.
myco- English (eng) (biology) fungus.
mycothiol English (eng) (biochemistry) An unusual thiol compound found in the Actinobacteria, composed of a cysteine residue with an acetylated amino group linked to glucosamine, which is then linked to inositol.

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Descendants of thiol
Descendants of myco-
bioxalomycin dermatomycosis mycobactericidal mycobacteriology mycobiome mycocecidium mycocide mycoculture mycodiesel mycoflora mycoherbicide mycoheterotrophy mycoinsecticide mycology mycopeptone mycopesticide mycophage mycosic mycosphere mycosymbiont mycotoxicological mycotoxicologist mycovirology pseudomycosis