myelopoiesis etymology

English word myelopoiesis comes from English myelo- (Bone marrow. Spinal cord.), English -poiesis (Production, creation or formation.)

Detailed word origin of myelopoiesis

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myelo- English (eng) Bone marrow. Spinal cord.
-poiesis English (eng) Production, creation or formation.
myelopoiesis English (eng) (biology, broad definition) The production of the bone marrow and of all cells arising from it.. (biology, narrow definition) The regulated formation of myeloid cells.

Words with the same origin as myelopoiesis

Descendants of myelo-
erythromyeloid myeloablated myeloablation myeloablative myeloarchitectural myeloarchitecture myelodysplasia myelogenous myelogram myeloid myeloma myelomonocyte myeloneuropathy myeloperoxidase myelophthisis myelopoietic myeloproliferative myeloradiculopathy myelosclerotic myelosuppression myelosuppressive myelotomy myelotoxic promyeloid
Descendants of -poiesis
angiopoiesis cardiopoiesis chylopoiesis erythropoiesis ethnopoiesis galactopoiesis haematopoiesis haemopoiesis hematopoiesis hemopoiesis leukopoiesis mammopoiesis monopoiesis mythopoiesis neuropoiesis thrombopoiesis thymopoiesis thymopoietic