myrmecodomatium etymology

English word myrmecodomatium comes from English myrmeco- (Of or pertaining to ants.), English domatium

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myrmeco- English (eng) Of or pertaining to ants.
domatium English (eng) (entomology, botany) A chamber produced by a plant in which insects, mites, or fungi live. It typically takes the form of a hollow under a leaf, or a system of tunnels in a thorn or stem. Ideally a domatium is a mutualistic adaptation, not to be confused with simple damage by a borer or gall-forming pest, though commonly there is no sharp distinction between domatia of value to the plant and [...]
myrmecodomatium English (eng) A domatium specifically adapted to the accommodation of ants.

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Descendants of myrmeco-
myrmecochory myrmecomorphy myrmecophagous myrmecophagy myrmecophile myrmecophobia