myrmecomorphy etymology

English word myrmecomorphy comes from English myrmeco- (Of or pertaining to ants.), English -morphy (Shaped or formed as described by the first element.)

Detailed word origin of myrmecomorphy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
myrmeco- English (eng) Of or pertaining to ants.
-morphy English (eng) Shaped or formed as described by the first element.
myrmecomorphy English (eng) The mimicry of ants by other organisms.

Words with the same origin as myrmecomorphy

Descendants of myrmeco-
myrmecochory myrmecodomatium myrmecophagous myrmecophagy myrmecophile myrmecophobia
Descendants of -morphy
heteromorphy plesiomorphy polymorphic polymorphy xeromorphy