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English word nanoconjugate comes from English conjugate, English nano-

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conjugate English (eng) (grammar) A word agreeing in derivation with another word, and therefore generally resembling it in meaning.. (mathematics) (of a complex number) A complex conjugate.. (mathematics) An explementary angle.. (mathematics) More generally, any of a set of irrational or complex numbers that are zeros of the same polynomial with integral coefficients.. Any entity formed by joining two or more [...]
nano- English (eng) Derived from the nanotechnology industry. In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10−9. Symbol: n. Very small.
nanoconjugate English (eng) A nanosized conjugate.

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Descendants of conjugate
conjugase conjugatable conjugative conjugator
Descendants of nano-
heteronanocrystal nanite nanoanalytical nanobioelectronics nanobot nanocanal nanochannel nanocrystallography nanodielectric nanodrop nanoid nanoliposome nanoplasmonics nanorobot nanosecond nanosensing nanosievert nanosurface nanotechnology nanotracer nanotruss nanotubular nanovehicle nanowaveguide